Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance

We live in a maintenance free world today but your new entry system requires some general care and maintenance to insure years of optimum performance. The most common requirements include:

Natural elements (wind, water, sun) can erode any paint or stain finishes based on the degree of exposure. Color fading is the most obvious sign that the finish coat is deteriorating. The frequency of refinishing varies by the exposure and can range from 1 to 5 years. Extensive damage can occur if the situation is left unattended.  Protect your investment and inspect it annually.

Caulking keeps the elements (wind, water) from entering your home above, under or around your new entry unit. But it is subject to natural elements as well. Annual inspections for cracking or failing are recommended. Problems should be immediately addressed.

Weatherstrip door bottom sweeps and corner seals – extension cords, furniture or even busy people passing through your new entry unit can damage certain components unintentionally. Replacement parts are easy to source from MMI DOOR Make this part of your annual inspection as well.

Purchased a Prefinished Fiberglass or Steel Entry System by MMI DOOR?
If so, thank you and follow these simple steps to ensure that your door looks new for years to come.

Routine Cleaning is Required
Using mild soap and water, wash and rinse the door and trim as necessary. Household cleaners containing chemicals are not recommended as damage can result and shorten the usefulness of the finish.
When cleaning glass, apply a cleaner specifically for glass to a soft cloth rather than directly spraying to avoid overspray on the door surface.

Touch Up
Minor scrapes and damage can be repaired with a paint or stain touch up kit provided by MMI DOOR with each unit. Make sure the area is free of any dirt or contaminant before applying finish from the touch up bottle.

Repair (Woodgrain Fiberglass Doors)
On rare occasions, damage may occur to your door. Repairs can be made by purchasing a Stain Kit from MMI DOOR and following these directions: 

First, remove any dirt or contaminants and apply Step #1 Base Color to the affected area. Allow it to dry completely before proceeding (drying time will vary depending on temperature and humidity).

Next, apply a small amount of Step #2 Grain Coat over the painted area and, using the side of a nylon brush (included), blend the Step #2 Grain Coat into the surrounding color.

Use the "wetting" agent included in the the stain kit to prolong the working time of the grain coat.

For best results, include the entire surface of the affected area. For example, finish an entire panel rather than a portion of a panel.




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