Door Materials

Door Materials


Fiberglass Smooth and Grain Doors
A new fiberglass entry door can add substantial curb appeal to your home without costing a fortune. Fiberglass is virtually maintenance free and will not warp, rot, dent or split.

  • Deep embossing and panel detail provide the most significant curb appeal
  • Available in smooth or woodgrain designs
  • The woodgrain series (Oak, Mahogany, Fir or Rustic) provides the rich appearance of wood with the strength and stability of fiberglass
  • Lifetime Limited warranty


Majestic Series
Steel exterior doors are durable and manufactured to prevent water absorption, resist rust and come factory primed for easy finishing.

  • 24 gauge, all steel construction provides superior strength and durability. Galvanization resists rust and corrosion
  • The "Double Hip" panel design enhances curb appeal
  • The all steel Majestic series is also available with a 90 minute fire rating
  • 10 year limited warranty

Steel Security Replacement
Can anyone provide an entry door system that is easy to install, offers increased security and is beautiful at the same time? Well, MMI DOOR has done just that. Our unique MPact Replacement Door System is designed for:

  • Convenience - Fits inside your existing door frame and can be sized to fit your opening in most cases.
  • Security - Surrounded by an 18 gauge steel frame system, our MPact unit provides ultimate security.
  • Curb Appeal - Available in our most popular steel door designs, choose from 15 decorative glass collections, internal muntins, blinds, shades, prefinishing services and more!


The elegance of maple, the warmth of pine, the richness of mahogany - your choice of wood can make all the difference. What matters is that it suits your tastes and style, and achieves the effect you are looking for. MMI DOOR prides itself on offering an impressive selection of wood species that adapt gracefully to any decor and give your home an irresistible ambiance.

A softwood with minor color variation and significant graining.

Knotty Pine
Minimal color variation with exception of the knots that will darken over time.

Red Oak
A dramatic grain pattern, that varies from tight vertical to arched patterns.  Accepts stain very well.

Fine grained hardwood often substituted for maple or cherry. Color variations can be minimized with darker stains.  

Smooth texture with a fine, soft grain. May feature small clusters of pin knots and blond colored streaks. Stains easily and will darken slightly with age.

A strong hardwood with a smooth texture and uniform grain. Over time, maple will mellow in color due to natural light exposure.

Knotty Alder
A rustic wood where color will vary and with random knots.

Birch wood is fine grained and pale in color, often with an attractive satin like sheen.

Moderately course texture with a straight grain. Color range from white to medium brown, stains well.

A dense, hardwood, with uniform coloring from light honey to rich golden tan. Great for staining.

Generally straight grained but may have some wavy patterns. It stains and finishes well.

White Oak
Similiar to Red Oak but slightly heavier and smoother with colors from light to medium dark brown with a natural resistance to rot.

Dimensionally stable with a uniform color, grain pattern and texture. With a light rosy shade that will appear redder over time. Exceptional stain and finish consistency.

A grain pattern that ranges from straight to interlocked, as well as a prominent ring figure. Most stable hardwood with less expansion, contraction and moisture absorbtion. Excellent stain qualities.

Clear Alder
Fairly straight grain with color ranges from tan to reddish brown and is softer and lighter than other hardwoods. Stains and finishes well.

White Pine
A moderately softwood with pale color and a straight grained pattern.

Hickory tends to have many dark pitch streaks and knots creating a distressed appearance. This rustic look specie is not widely available.

Primed surface for quality painting.



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