Interior Doors

Interior Doors

Wood Paneled Doors
Traditional and timeless wood panel doors are designed to fit into any decor. The richness of the wood panel door brings natural warmth to every room.

(Raised Panel, Flat Panel and French) Multiple designs, species and glass options define the top end of the interior door category. Prices can literally range from $100 per door to over $1000. Even though some wood species can be painted, the majority are stained to showcase their attractive wood grains. The most available species are Pine, Poplar and Oak.

These doors are offered in either raised panel or flat panel designs, and in a wide assortment of sizes.

Molded Paneled Doors
​Molded door skins are made by combining fine wood fibers and resins and then "stamped" into a variety of raised panel designs. Their popularity is due to their value - you get great looking doors for a great price. Molded doors are available in smooth or woodgrain, hollow or solid core and represent one of the best "bang for your buck value" in the industry.

When you want plenty of options select interior molded wood fiber doors. These doors are created in several styles, panel designs and sizes.

Single and double doors can be ordered as ready-to-install prehung units with a wide variety of sizes, jambs species and decorative hinge finishes.

Interior molded doors are expertly created to add beauty and durability to any home building project.

Flush Doors
Common, inexpensive and easy to paint or stain, flush doors are readily available in Primed, Oak and Birch. Other species are available. Flush doors are available in hollow or solid core.

Flush doors are made with select raw materials that are precisely machined and assembled for a beautiful, reliable door. These economical doors are dependable and will last for years to come.

Pre-Finished Embossed Doors
​Prefinished Embossed Hardboard Doors are a simple solution for a quick, no hassle installation of new interior doors to your home. Prefinished and ready to be installed when arriving at your home is a real advantage.

Matching mouldings and jambs are available.

Clear Glass / French Doors
Enhance the beauty of any interior with our beautifully crafted line of french doors. They add elegance and privacy while maintaining brightness from one room to the next.

French doors have tempered glass for extra strength and safety. Most feature a unique glass wrap that makes staining and finishing a snap.

Louver Doors
Louver doors are fitted with horizontal slots to allow passage of air. They are commonly used in pantries, bathrooms, laundry rooms and furnace rooms. Full louver or half louver (also known as louver/panel) doors are available in pine or pre-primed and ready for paint.

To view our available commercial door glass and louvers, please visit our Commercial Doors tab above.

Slab Doors
Often referred to as a “slab” door or “door only”, it is just that—not prehung or pre-prepped in any way. They are usually bought as a replacement product for an existing door. They require sizing, preparation of hinge pockets and drilled for a lockset. Proper tools and skill levels are required when replacing an existing door.

Prehung Door
A door, or pair of doors, prehung on an interior door jamb (frame) and ready for installation into a properly sized opening. Most interior doors sold today are prehung. 

Bifold Doors
Primarily used as closet doors, bifold doors are pre-hinged together and are packaged with track and hardware to complete the installation. 

Bypass Doors
Bypass Doors are simply two single doors that slide by each other. They are commonly used in small areas where space is a premium and side hinged door units would not fit. The doors track and accompanied hardware are bought separately and assembled at the job site. Wheels are applied to the top of each door and fit into a track mounted in the top of the opening (usually a closet). Guides in the floor keep the doors aligned. Track and hardware strengths vary to accommodate either hollow core or solid core doors. 

Dutch Doors
Dutch doors can be a very functional asset in your home. A conventional door is cut in half with the top and bottom "halves' operating independently. They are often enhanced with a convenient shelf applied to the bottom section. The specifications are totally up to you regarding the sizes of each section, size of the shelf, type of door and any other options you desire. Challenge your imagination to determine where a Dutch door may be right for you. 

Pocket Doors
Pocket Doors are the real space saver in the home-the ones that actually disappear into the wall. The "pocket" consists of a wooden frame with track and hardware to accommodate the door of your choice. Pockets must be installed inside a conventional framed wall and finished with drywall. Roller wheels are applied to the door and mounted onto the track. Latching hardware is then mounted to control the door in and out of the pocket.



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