Before You Buy a Door

Before You Buy a Door

Please review the following information before buying a quality entry system from MMI DOOR:

Determine your Handing and Swing
Determining the Handing and Swing of your new door is an important step in the ordering process. Below is a chart  and diagram outlining the easiest way to determine the Handing you need, as well as the difference between Inswing  and Outswing. You will also find a chart indicating the Rough Opening Heights and Widths for each door size.



Application (PDF Download)
This is the most important step in your new entry system selection process! Protecting it properly can lower maintenance, improve performance and extend the life of your new entry system. Key factors to consider before you buy:

  • Exposure - Doors facing south or west receive the most sun and require the most protection. Dark colors and/or storm doors can be harmful in these applications if not protected by a six to eight foot overhang.
  • Overhang - Every door (Entry, Patio or French) needs protection to perform properly and extend it's life. The more exposure to elements, the larger the overhang. Please refer to our Application page for details.
  • Color Choice - Your choice of colors are also dictated by exposure. Light colors reflect heat and dark colors absorb heat. Please use caution in this area.
  • Storm Doors - Storm doors can be helpful in the right application and harmful in the wrong one. Heat build up behind a storm door can exceed 120 degrees in some exposures and damage your new entry system. Please exercise caution when choosing a storm door.

Please review our Application document thoroughly to insure years of maximum performance and protection.

Installation (PDF Download)
All codes, standards and test results require our products to be installed according to MMI DOOR installation instructions. It is imperative for ultimate performance and warranty activation. Protect your investment and follow the instructions—it will provide years of satisfying performance.

Finishing (PDF Download)
This is a very critical step to insure long term performance. An improper finish, especially on wood or wood related components, can lead to major problems in a short amount of time. Even if you choose a steel or fiberglass door unit, many components (especially the frame) can be made of wood or wood composite. It is imperative that they be finished according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions and that you remember these basic, but important steps:

  • Clean and prep all surfaces as recommended.
  • Completely cover all sides/surfaces evenly and with the same number of coats.
  • Make sure the final top coat meets the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Do not use dark colors or storm doors on door units with high exposure to the sun.

MMI DOOR offers Prefinishing services on our steel and fiberglass door units for your convenience. See our Prefinishing section for color selection and details.
Care and Maintenance - We live in a maintenance free world today but your new entry system requires some general care and maintenance to insure years of optimum performance. Our recommendations include:

Refinishing – Natural elements (wind, water, sun) can erode any paint or stain finishes based on the degree of exposure. Color fading is the most obvious sign that the finish coat is deteriorating. The frequency of refinishing varies by the exposure and can range from 1 to 5 years. Extensive damage can occur if the situation is left unattended. Protect your investment and inspect it annually.
Caulking – Caulking keeps the elements (wind, water) from entering your home above, under or around your new entry unit. But it is subject to natural elements as well. Annual inspections for cracking or failing are recommended. Problems should be immediately addressed.
Weatherstrip, door bottom sweeps and corner seals – extension cords, furniture or even busy people passing through your new entry unit can damage certain components unintentionally. Replacement parts are easy to source from MMI DOOR, make this part of your annual inspection as well.      

These simple steps can make or break a top quality entry system. Not just ours--anyone's. You deserve decades of performance with a new entry system from MMI DOOR Protect your investment and make the right choices.



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